Editor Of Fitness Magazine Shares Life Changing Tips On Fitness And Health

The organizers mentioned that there will be more talks similar to this one as the university wants to promote healthy living habits to students.

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By Bongani Mavundla

It took many students a concentration of one hour to find crucial tips about fitness and health that the editor of Fitness magazine shared. But it might just take you two minutes to discover that.

Pedro Van Gaalen, managing editor of Fitness magazine who is a fitness instructor and personal trainer on the 25th of April 2017 shared his knowledge about fitness and healthy eating based on his professional capacity to students at the library of UJ-APK.

Noteworthy health and fitness tips

“How many people used the stairs to the sixth floor of the building when coming to the event,” Van Gaalen asked the people who had attended the session.

Others raised their hands as an indication of agreeing to have done that. The other half laughed the question off.

“Walking and taking the stairs regularly will help in keeping you healthy and avoid diseases,” Van Gaalen said. “It is a good exercise tool from a health and fitness perspective while keeping you active and improve your mobility.”

It was vital for such a publication to host a talk of this nature as it promotes fit and healthy living and the benefits thereof.

“The important thing to do when you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle is starting by cutting out processed foods and sugar in your diet,” said Van Gaalen boldly.

“This in conjunction with exercise will lead one to noticeable results depending on their fitness level goal,” he added.

Going back to natural foods is what dominated, “it is important to include as many greens as you can to your diet,” said Van Gaalen. “Greens are easy to prepare and to cook. They are inexpensive too.”

He advised the students to buy greens from the market in town instead of going to the retail stores. “Buy them in bulk as it will save money. Pre-cook them then freeze them so that when you need them it will take up a few minutes.”

“Do away with high-carb foods and substitute fizzy drinks with water. The healthier natural options you opt for the more benefits you get for your body,” said Van Gaalen.

On the usage of steroids and advanced supplements for muscle-gain it was recommended that experts or trained professionals should be consulted before embarking on the journey of body-building as there are dire consequences if not used correctly.

Students’ reaction

Most students who attended the lecture session reacted very positively, showing indications of being inclined and satisfied with the session. Others expressed how meaningful and life changing the session was as they’d in the future use the tips Van Gaalen provided.

Sabelo Hadebe, a UJ student said: “I was confused on what I should do with regards to a balanced healthy diet. I have been going to the gym for some time but there were no results. I hope this would help for the future.”

“It was a very inspirational talk. I was glad that he was able to tackle the issue of cereals and I have more light now about which ones are healthier. Even though I came here believing that it will be more focused on those that go to the gym more, that’s not the case now,” said Natalie Mvimbi, who is a student at the university.

The organizers mentioned that there will be more talks similar to this one as the university wants to promote healthy living habits to students.

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