Mouth-watering Books

Staff and student contestants put their culinary skills to the test bringing their favourite stories to life.

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What a mouth-watering experience created by the UJ Library and STH (School of Tourism and Hospitality) through the Edible Book Festival on Wednesday, 6th Sept 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 at the APK library’s 6th floor auditorium.

The Festival, whose theme was for anyone to “create a piece of edible art related to books”, allowed for students, professional chefs, members of the UJ Community and stakeholders to participant.

It began with the contesters tentatively displaying their creative pieces on top of the tables present in the auditorium to impress the audience.

From then onwards to the fifth hour of the afternoon (at about 4pm), any person could come by and just have a look at what the competitors have baked and moulded into an art’s work relevant to the book they found pleasing.


The items had to be either a portray of the book’s cover, a character in the book, the central theme of the book’s narrative or anything relatable to the book that one could think of before the Festival.

After gazing at the works of art, one was exhorted by the competitors themselves, to vote and to do so in favour of a particular person.

Many of those who made their way into the venue were very much enthralled by what they saw from the ‘Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy’ piece – created by one of the only four students competing – to the UJ-APK Library’s staff melange of ideas to create an extravagant piece of chocolate, ‘Death by Chocolate’.

The idea behind ‘Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy’ is that of fighting confinement, said Xoliswa Mngqibisa, a student contester.

Lacey the little mermaid fairy
‘Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy’. Photo by Gaby Ndongo

“It [‘Death by Chocolate’] is a tongue-in-the-cheek book, just about fun food and chocolate and how that will be the best way to die one day,” said Lizette De Ponte, a UJ APK Library staff contester.

Death By Chocolate
This piece was dubbed ‘Death by Chocolate’. Photo by Jan Potgieter

The judging of the entries also took place during these very same hours (13:00-14:00) with the contesters being beside their crafts as the judges analysed what they have done, while noting down what they (judges) considered writable on their pages.

The big moment had finally arrived when the clock reached the 16th hour of the day, and the announcement of winners from the various categories had to be made following the book discussion of Eat-Ting that happened at 3pm to 4pm.


The winner of the ‘Most creative’ piece, Ester De Broize, said that her originality comes from a play on words with edible items rather than “just making a picture of Madiba [Nelson Mandela]”.

Nelson Mandela
‘Look Walk to Freedom’. Picture: Gaby Ndongo

After the announcement, everyone present was allowed to eat whatever they have been gazing for minutes or hours, depending on when one came into the auditorium.

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