International Emmy Award Nominee Thuso Mbedu Gave UJ Students These Four Great Pieces of Advice

The young actress explains that she was an A-student at varsity and would get disappointed if she got a B because that is just the person she was.

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By Thando Mgobhozi

Students sometimes find themselves confused and struggling to manoeuvre their studies all the way through to their professional careers.

Thuso Mbedu, an International Emmy Award nominee, spoke in a room full of students at UJ’s Engineering Postgraduate Centre yesterday to give students some advice to excel in their studies and professional careers.

These are the tips that she gave the students who attended the motivational talk.

1. Focus on what matters

Mbedu advises students not to worry too much about parties and let go of the fear of missing out syndrome (FOMO). She explains that parties will always be there but first students should focus on the ultimate goal, which is completing their studies.

“Focus on what matters and focus on your studies.”

2. Excellence is relative

The young actress explains that she was an A-student at varsity and would get disappointed if she got a B because that is just the person she was. Her cousin, on the other hand, would be happy with getting a C. This is usually a result of the pressure students experience and so she advices students to not succumb to that pressure but be happy with the best that they have produced.

“As long as you are happy with what you are giving and if a C is your excellence then strive towards that C.”

Thuso gives students these important tips on going forward. Photo by Thando Mgobhozi.

3. Purpose

“My life story is a life story driven by purpose. If I was not operating on purpose, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Mbedu says that when growing up she wanted to become a dermatologist but later fell in love with Drama. She encourages students to go for what they believe in but also explains that it is tricky if what you believe in is not in line with your purpose.

4. Dreaming

Mbedu says she has always been a big dreamer and does not fear dreaming. “When I was in New York my mind was open to a whole new level of thinking and having been outside there is so much more than your current circumstances.”

In closing, Mbedu encourages students not to let their circumstances define them and go out to find their purposes and once they do, it will make their journey in life much easier. She says that currently people are frustrated because they are living other people’s purposes and not their own. TOJ

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