UJ 2017 International Festival Brings Back The Appealing Aroma of Diversity

The Open Journal talked to the judges on how they will be judging the food.

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Onthatile Kgoadigoadi

UJ does it again as its 15th annual International Festival unites and celebrates diverse countries from all over the world. A multitude of people were gathered by the appealing aroma of the food that was prepared to test their taste buds.

The Open Journal talked to the judges on how they will be judging the food. “We’ll be specifically looking for the presentation of the food along with the stalls, the delicious taste and the uniqueness of the dishes according to each country,” said one of the judges, Jane Botes, who is from UJ’s Accountancy Department.

Journalists of The Open Journal also got a chance to get their taste buds wet, tasting different dishes that each country had to offer. Photo by Conrad Mmotsa.

Ivory Coast had a colorful portrait dish consisting of molded rice in different colors calledatieke, and the fish known as tilapia. Both of which were coupled with different kind of salads and meat to complete the dish.

ivory-coast-food (1)
Atieke and tilapia, when combined together become one of Ivory Coast’s most delicious meal. Photo by Conrad Mmotsa.

Down to the country that is crisscrossed by a network of rivers and mountain ranges, Lesotho, one saw prepared dikgobe & dinawa commonly known as samp, monyepolana, which refers to maize meal mixed with pap and an extra touch of an herb called hops.

In every occasion of jubilation, people need to be elevated, Lesotho had to just add a little bit of some drink to spike happiness into the atmosphere.

“We have prepared what we call hoposo, which is our traditional beer and ginger beer. Although it is not very fermented . . . the institution doesn’t allow alcohol on its premises,” said Palesa, a representative of Lesotho.

Ethiopia had something more relaxing and engaging for students besides food – the Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans which students were instructed on how to brew.

Different types of Ethiopian salads were displayed during the International Festival at UJ Auckland Park Kingsway campus today. Photo by Conrad Mmotsa.

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