The 6 Best Dressed People At UJ’s International Festival

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Ntozanele Libimbi

UJ’s 15th annual International Festival had students showing off their best gear. Students gathered around the APK fountain to enjoy different foods, music, cultures and artistic performances.

But not all of the artistic expressions were displayed on the stage as some audience members’ colourful clothing were visible attributes of diversity. In no particular order here are just six of the best-dressed people at yesterday’s festival.

1. Nkosana Khoza

Nkosana Khoza, a UJ student, was seen rocking an Afro park ensemble. The colourful shirt matched perfectly with his brown beaded Nigerian necklace and an orange and brown scarf.

The black belly bag, which Nkosana wore to avoid making his outfit too colourful, is a comeback trend from the 90’s. Nkosana toned it down even further with a pair of black swag pants and black leather sandals.


He chose beaded bracelets and a pair of accessories sunglasses that went along with a belly bag giving the outfit a fresh modern look.  “I wore this because I wanted to express how I feel, being happy and fashionable,” Nkosana said.

2. Kelebogile Q Ncholo

Kelebogile Q Ncholo wore a bright yellow dress with green and red patterns. The open slit at the back gave it an edgy feel and the tailored fit made the dress look elegant, while the closed shoulder frill made it look flirtatious and easy going.

Kelebogile coordinated her colours well as she wore black block heels that had silver stud details which went well with the edgy slit at the back. She chose to wear her hair in a simple up-do which together with natural make-up did not distract you from the already dramatic yellow dress. This fun look can be worn to any event and still make the best-dressed list.


“What inspired this outfit today is that I felt like the colour and the prints on the dress represent and appeal to diversity,” said a bubbly Kelebogile.

3. Nathi Phandliwe

Who better to interpret the concept of diversity in a fashionable way than Nathi Phandliwe? His outfit was a blend of different trends of African cultures. “I guess for diversity week, I’m a little bit of everything,” Nathi said of his outfit that was a beautiful cocktail of styles.


Nathi wore a Nigerian inspired head wrap that had a visibly striking yellow feature complimenting the multi-coloured traditional IsiZulu beading around his neck.

The long sleeved black vest rightly contrasted the flamboyant pieces in his outfit. His 90’s inspired black platform boots also added to the contrasting effect and looked like something Rihanna would wear.

Nathi’s choice to wear high-rise pants with a frill at the waist was definitely a sign of a fashion-conscious being, who knew the importance of volume in an outfit.

4. Jenevene Manga

Jenevene Manga donned this lovely maroon outfit with gold embroidery to the festival. She matched the Indian ensemble with gold bangles.

“I’m wearing Indian wear because I am inspired by my mother who is a proud Indian woman,” Jenevene said.


The light material is breathable, making it practical to wear during such a warm season. This simple, elegant ensemble proved that Indian women are indeed fashionistas.

5. Boitumelo Mogale

Boitumelo Mogale looked like a newly crowned Ghanaian Princess in this asymmetrical mermaid dress made from Ghanaian Kent fabric. “I’ve always loved the detailed prints on Kent, especially because it symbolizes royalty in Ghana,” said Boitumelo.

Boitumelo Mogale looked like a newly crowned Ghanaian Princess in this asymmetrical mermaid dress made from Ghanaian Kent fabric. Photo by Conrad Mmotsa.

She tied her head wrap in a quirky style that featured a large bow and swung her braids over her shoulder. Boitumelo also wore gold earrings and bangles on her wrists. Her dress was elegant showing off just the right amount of cleavage.

6. Johnson Upahi

There’s nothing more respectable than a man in traditional attire, which is the best way to prove that one is proud of their nationality.


All photos courtesy of Conrad Mmotsa.

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