Actresses Use Performance To Speak About Drug Abuse

“It’s like saying everything you are is minimized to a bottle of champagne or pair of shoes,” said Lockdown actress Cooper.


By Boineelo Kgope

Lockdown actresses, performing during UJ’s 16th International Festival on Friday, warned students not to use drugs as an escape from reality and most importantly, seeking help.

Dawn Thandeka King and Lorcia Cooper, respectively known by their stage names as Mazet and Tyson, made the statement in a brief act that the Lockdown crew gave to UJ students a few minutes after the opening ceremony of the Festival at APK campus.

Bottling things up and not speaking out about your problems can make you dangerous to yourself and others, they advised students.

For example, an individual may end up committing murder in the quest for revenge when distress is unearthed. Therefore, it is best to get professional help to avoid waking up behind bars.

Among other things, they touched on one of South Africa’s recurring social ills, which was specifically directed to women.

The syndrome of “blessers”, whereby successful men take advantage of underprivileged young women from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with materialistic things in exchange for sex.

“There’s no reason for you to go find your worth in somebody’s hands or the things he can offer you . . . It’s like saying everything you are is minimized to a bottle of champagne or pair of shoes,” said Cooper.

Just as the group got on stage with song and dance, the ending of the performance was also graced with songs led by Nelisiwe Sibiya. These include Umama ka Bafana and  Nomathemba. TOJ

Reporting by Boineelo Kgope; Editing by Gaby Ndongo and Kupakwashe Kambasha

Feature image: Nelisiwe Sibiya performs during the Lockdown act at UJ’s 2018 International Festival, APK campus, Friday, 21st September 2018.

Image courtesy to Conrad Mmotsa

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