Voting Tension Causes Clash Between SASCO And EFFSC

In certain instances, the SASCO’s members made rounds in an ANC branded bakkie encouraging students to vote for the student political organisation.

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By Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya

Clash of heads occurred yesterday afternoon between members of two student political parties in front of UJ APK campus’ SRC offices in the midst of intensive campaigning being conducted by both groups.

A tug of war between a female SASCO member and a male EFFSC member arose as they struggled for a t-shirt: a regalia that a dummy made by EFFSC ended up wearing.

Fellow members of each group came to separate the fight but immediately the tugging caught the attention of many. Thereafter, the two separated although sharp words were exchanged.

EFFSC members then erected the dummy hanging on a rope from a tree branch of a tree contiguous to the SRC offices. The dummy wore a dirty SASCO t-shirt.

“Sasco mayiwe!” Sang EFFSC members.

Later on, EFFSC members moved from the SRC offices and continued singing at Madibeng building. The recently hung dummy was now dead, laying on the floor with flowers on its chest.

The occurrence unfolded during the second day of UJ SRC election period with the EFFSC and SASCO tentatively campaigning for votes and in certain instances, the latter’s members made rounds in an ANC branded bakkie encouraging students to vote for SASCO. TOJ

[WATCH] EFFSC members dancing around SASCO dummy

Reporting by Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya; Editing by Gaby Ndongo

Feature image: EFFSC and SASCO members talking about the SASCO dummy on the right, hanging from a tree at UJ APK Campus on Thursday, 11th October 2018.

Image courtesy to Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya

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