Runway Shows Are Trendsetting Platforms

Know your summer trends; for this period, a new school generation is trending with old school inspired apparel.

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By Ntozanele Libimbi

Runway shows are known as platforms where trends are first introduced and the Midrand 3rd Annual Fashion Show did just that. 

The show gave shops a stage to showcase their apparels and aspiring models an opportunity to grace the catwalk. “The spring/summer collection from all the stores was exquisite; the stores really brought their best fashion collections,” said Juliet Keagile, who is the Show’s organizer.

This year’s collection explored vibrant shapes and colours. Summer is known for its hot weather, bright sunny days along with beautiful, bright flowers. The show featured minimalistic yet stunning clothing.

A blend of fashion eras


Old school inspired sundresses have a ’90s design which uses collared, button-down dresses with three-quarter length sleeves; but it was their floral material that really yelled out the ’90s.

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What stands out about this materal is that one can go to a garden party and still look relevant and fashionable, with the right shoes any woman in this dress will not be a wallflower.


Summer can be declared as the trend season because the ‘must get garments’ are not only showcased in runway shows; they are also the first thing you see in your favourite stores. This summer, we bear witness to the return of the off-the-shoulder ensemble.

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This item was a hit in the 1800s and considered as a scandalous fashion item for women in that era. It was because loose fabric clothing fastened with a ribbon was considered as maternity wear.

Slit game on fleek


Palazzo pants originated in the ’20s. These types of pants are waist fitted, loose fit and are made out of light fabric. These pants were only worn by bold women during the ’20s and are making a summer come back.

The Midrand 2018 Trend Fashion Show included pants that had the Palazzo loose-fitting, high waist element with an addition of a high-end slit on both legs. They’re not too revealing but confidently have an element of sex appeal and are making their way to 2019.

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The slit is a trend that is not only best fitted with pants but also manages to look as sexy in skirts and maxi dresses. The slits original purpose was to aid movement, but now it is one of the most undeniable summer essentials.



Fashion shows, like the annual Midrand Fashion Show, keep fashion forward individuals in the loop. TOJ

Reporting by Ntozanele Libimbi: Editing by Amber Richardson and Gaby Ndongo

Image courtesy to Eric Maphagela

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