NSFAS Awaits Appeals Of Rejected Applications

In December 2018, a total of 109,000 rejected applications were reviewed, which resulted to over 60,000 being confirmed as financially deserving.


By Gaby Ndongo

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) awaits appeals for rejected applications until Friday, 8th March, after having approved more than 300,000 applications of the 417,000 intakes.   

In December 2018, a total of 109,000 rejected applications were reviewed, which resulted to over 60,000 being confirmed as financially deserving.

“As NSFAS processed applications in the pipeline, the number of unsuccessful applicants escalated to 65 000,” according to the funding scheme.

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Several students’ applications have been rejected as a result of the household income information obtained from credit bureaus.

“Should a student want to dispute this outcome because of changes to the household income or SASSA status, they may lodge an appeal by providing the necessary documentation to NSFAS,” read a statement from NSFAS.

One can obtain the appeal form on its website, fill in and then hand it with the needed document(s) to an institution’s student finance office, or submit all to NSFAS via applicationreview@nsfas.org.za.

Appeals will only be considered on the following grounds:

  • Material change in combined household income (proof of loss of income needed with a fully completed NSFAS form for students that were not previously funded);
  • Loss of a bursary/sponsor in the 2018 academic cycle (documented proof should be provided and should be accompanied by a fully completed NSFAS application form);
  • Failure to meet academic criteria where prior academic performance has been satisfactory;
  • (provide supporting information and documentation that provides details of the reasons that affected performance);
  • Failure to meet academic criteria due to medical condition (s) or death of an immediate family member (provide supporting information and documentation);
  • Student had a gap year in NSFAS funding or failed to register previously and could not reapply for funding;
  • More than one student from the same household concurrently enrolled at a university/TVET college, and
  • Applying for an approved post graduate qualification (see section F on the appeal form for list). TOJ

Reporting by Gaby Ndongo.

Feature image: #NSFASsquad.

Image obtained from NSFAS official Facebook page.

7 comments on “NSFAS Awaits Appeals Of Rejected Applications”

  1. So it is not possible for students who really want to study to re apply because of poor information they have sent

    1. “From the total number of applications received, 69 357 were incomplete or may have outstanding or incorrect supporting documents,” said NSFAS administrator, Randall Carolissen.

      “Applicants with incomplete applications have been contacted by NSFAS over the festive season and as we are receiving the required documents, their applications will be processed for funding decisions,” Carolissen added.

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