UJ Humanities Dean Once More Accused Of Racism

The institution viewed Goba’s actions as being opportunistic.

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By Valerie Mncube (2 mins read)

The University of Johannesburg’s (UJ’s) graduation ceremony on Tuesday, 2nd of April, turned sour after a student accused the Humanities Faculty Dean of being a racist.

Kamvelihle Goba, an EFFSC member, accused Professor Alex Broadbent of racism, marking a recurrence of the term being directed towards Broadbent.

In 2018, Collin Chasi, a professor at the University, accused the Dean of looking down upon his black colleagues.

A poster – placed on several notice boards, entries and exist points at UJ’s APK campus last year – called for the removal of the Dean on the basis of what it claimed as racist conducts.

Early this year, Goba was involved in a confrontation with the Fidelity security personnel hired by the University at the APK campus.

[WATCH] EFFSC Member Manhandled By Fidelity Security Guards Due To Attempted Forced Entry

In a viral video, the EFFSC member can be heard, during the graduation ceremony, saying that he could not register for his postgraduate studies because of Broadbent.

Broadbent can then be seen trying to keep his cool as Goba chants “You are racist”. A few moments later, security guards surrounded Goba in an attempt to escort him off the stage.

[WATCH] University of Johannesburg graduation mayhem

UJ spokesperson Herman Esterhuizen told Timeslive that the institution viewed Goba’s actions as being opportunistic. TOJ

Reporting by Valerie Mncube; Editing by Adryan Ogle, Gaby Ndongo and Kupakwashe Kambasha.

Feature image: Image of the University of Johannesburg’s emblem.

Image courtesy to Gaby Ndongo.

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