UJCFL 2019 In Full Swing

While it may seem too early to determine which team might clinch the season, title contenders are already setting themselves apart and they mean business.

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By Kupakwashe Kambasha (4 mins read)

The annual UJ Campus Football League (UJCFL) kicked off a month ago and has blown into full swing with teams from all four campuses aiming to claim the titles of their respective leagues.

UJCFL, which consists of the Major and Promotional leagues, has been reshuffled, hosting some new teams. Here are some of the developments thus far.

Major League

This League boasts the superiority of hosting top tier teams across UJ. Every year, the top two teams get promoted from the Promotional league to the Major while the bottom two from the Major are relegated to the Promotional.

With two new comers from the promotional league, Ikhayalethu and Mill Junction who were promoted after the end of the 2018 season, the top tier league looks promising in showcasing football excellence from a combined cluster of the best sixteen teams all across UJ.

For this year’s Major league, sixteen teams will battle it out for the main title. As it stands, all teams have already played two league games.

Current standings after 2 league games.

UJCFL Major League log table. Accessed from UJ Campus League website.

With just two matches played, not much can be projected; however, the top four teams might be heading in setting themselves apart after claiming maximum points in these opening two matches.

More analysis will be given as the league takes shape.

Fixtures can be accessed at UJ campus league website.

Promotional League

The Promotional division is the lower league that hosts sixteen teams from across UJ’s four campuses.

Six new comers were added to the catalogue. Some of these teams include the relegated Thomas Sankara and Kopano FC from the Major league. Others qualified through the playoffs held before the season started: Kingsway Spartans, Maqhawe, Buthelezi and Habibat.

Current standings after 3 games.

UJCFL Promo log table, accessed April 6 2019 from UJ Campus League website.

As the league proceeds into April, all sixteen teams have played three matches thus far. While it may seem too early to determine which team might clinch the season, title contenders are already setting themselves apart and they mean business.

The top four ties up feisty contenders who have collected maximum points following the past three league matches.

While the rest are struggling to find their footing so far in the league, room for improvement is still possible.

Basing from the log table standings, poor performances from the bottom four teams could potentially dim their spirits and devastatingly impact their chances of achieving any title this season.

All the same, as we wait in anticipation of some possible dramatic turns, 12 league games remain, and they pose chances for some of the teams that started poorly to bounce back.

As we head into game week 4 for the Promotional League, some interesting fixtures await our footballing anticipation.

Two teams from the top four square off in an encounter that could shift the power balance in the league. MVSL All Stars vs EFF SC on Wednesday, 10th April, is definitely a game to watch out for. TOJ

Some of the fixtures can be accessed on the UJ campus league website.

Reporting by kupakwashe kambasha; Editing by Gaby Ndongo.

Feature Image: A soccer ball and boot placed on grass turf.

Image Courtesy of Blessed Ngwenya.

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