Dear Men, Be Sensitive To Love – Dr Graham Dampier

“The endorphin rush that you feel when you are in love with a girl [is a] chemical cocktail that floats around your body,” according to Dampier.

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By Lunga Dlamini & Precious Manaka (3 mins read)

Men should not be negligent about love because it has the same effect on the brain as to that of cocaine and so, it can be an addictive feeling, said Dr Graham Dampier on Friday, 17th May 2019.

“The chemical effects of love on the brain is so powerful … so powerful that it literally mimics the same effects that cocaine has on the brain.

“The endorphin rush that you feel when you are in love with a girl [is a] chemical cocktail that floats around your body,” according to Dampier, who spoke to students at UJ’s APK campus.

Dampier, who is a lecturer at UJ’s Department of Childhood Education, was speaking at the Brotherhood Launch which took place at Oppierif, a residence located at APK.

Panellists at the #Brotherhood launch, UJ APK, on Friday, 17th May 2019. Image by Luthando Sibisi.

The event was an open discussion on the role of men and boys in society, gender equality and masculinity. The session hosted some pioneers of the #Brotherhood initiative from North West University (NWU).

NWU #Brotherhood chairperson said it was conceptualised in October of 2017, when he and several of his colleagues were engaged in a conversation at a kitchen.

The driving force behind #Brotherhood finding its way to UJ is a female, Strategic Communication student by the name of Elizabeth Maphalla.

Elizabeth Maphalla, middle, with some of the members of NWU #Brotherhood society in front of the Oppierif residence hall, UJ APK, on Friday, 17th May 2019. Image by Luthando Sibisi.

The introduction of this society at UJ focussed on black males, how to help them integrate into society and network.

#Brotherhood asks how young men should respond and be inclusive in a diverse nation where the LGBTQIA+ community is concerned. It also calls for a public holiday that celebrates sexuality.

Moreover, brotherhood stands for gender equality, responsible young parenting, responsible relationships, good behaviour, a platform for men to cry without judgement and enhances forgiveness in relationships.


The lack of conviction of rapists, who sexually assault Black women in South Africa, is due to the perception upheld by the apartheid regime that black women can never say no to sexual encounters, explained Dampier.

He then suggested that the only way to bring an end to this devaluing perception about Black women is for men to be honest with their partners.

“If you are not interested in a stable relationship, then you need to communicate that to the person whom you want to be with, whether it is emotionally, physically or any other way.

“You cannot mislead a woman into a relationship because in doing that you are perpetuating those oppressive systems of the past,” said Dampier.

He continued to say that the same lack of communication results to pain for both or either party. TOJ

[SLIDESHOW] Attendees of the #Brotherhood launch

Reporting by Lunga Dlamini and Precious Manaka. Editing by Gaby Ndongo and Kupakwashe Kambasha. Feature image accompanied by Dr Graham Dampier, standing on the left, as seen speaking to the attendees of the #Brotherhood launch at UJ’s APK campus on Friday, 17th May 2019. Image courtesy to Luthando Sibisi.

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  1. This is really an acknowledging article thus gives sight to the challenges we face and give us the reasons why these things happen and also it shows willingness to make our country a better country#bigups to brotherhood

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