DUT Postgraduates Say Social Ills Can be Fought Through Sports

According to the South African Government News Agency, there has been a 53% increase in the rate of violence against women in South Africa from 31 665 in 2015/16 to 70 813 in 2016/17.

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By Nkosingiphile Dladla (3 mins read)

Durban – Sport for A Cause (SFAC) with Father A Nation (FAN) hosted a soccer tournament on Saturday 27th of July 2019 that sought to raise awareness and call off the scourge of violence.

It was a seven-aside soccer tournament called “No Excuse” and championed the slogan that says “Real Men Provide! We Play Soccer to Stop Gender-Based Violence”. According to their official website, FAN chose soccer as the sport of focus because it is the most-watched in the country.

“As the most loved, watched and played sport in the country, soccer is a great way to get men together around a common cause. We stage six-a-side tournaments of 80 or more teams at which we trumpet the No-excuse message and get the men to take the No-excuse pledge. The result is strong buy-in and commitment to authentic masculinity and standing against abuse,” reads the information in the FAN official website.

SFAC was established by Scott Dlamuka and Mpumelelo Shangase, postgraduates of the National Diploma in Sports Management, and just like FAN, they seek to address social ills.

“Sports For A Cause is a sports-based entity that seeks to advocate for sports development, we are driven by the inspiration of global transformation through sports and recreation and we seek to address social ills from gender-based violence and teenage pregnancy,” said Shangase.

FAN is a Non-Profit Company that addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping men to be nation-builders, fathers and role models. According to their official website biography, they teach men to use their strength to love, serve, protect and provide and to be activists against any form of abuse.

“We believe that there is no greater nation-building imperative for our nation than the restoration of men. Our mission is to raise the next generation of men to build a safe and prosperous South Africa,” reads the FAN biography obtained from its official website.

Dlamuka a co-founder and a director of the SFAC said they were fortunate enough as the beginners in this NPO industry to start off in this note.

“We got in touch with the FAN through social media as a small company that deals with sports development, based in Durban as they are going around the country spreading awareness. As the youth they also believed that we can communicate better with the younger generation as they are the only hope to cut the throat of this plague,” Dlamuka said.

According to the South African Government News Agency, there has been an increase in the rate of violence against women in South Africa, the number of women who have experienced sexual offences has risen from 31 665 in 2015/16 to 70 813 in 2016/17, an increase of 53%. TOJ

Reporting by Nkosingiphile Dladla. Editing by Kupakwashe Kambasha. Feature image accompanied by a seven aside soccer tournament, hosted by the Sports for A Course in partnership with Father A Nation, held a Westville Old boys under the slogan #NoExcuse to violence against women. Image courtesy to Mpumelelo Shangase.

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