About Us

Our Context. South Africa’s social-economic environment consists of the following aspects among others:

  • A growing number of challenges faced by young people such as mental health and unemployment,
  • These challenges are increasing the need for context-oriented information to guide decision-making conducted by this group,
  • The relevant information is available but not packaged in accessible manner, found in documents such as reports, and
  • This information is not being effectively disseminated through pertinent platforms.

Our Vision & Mission. Within this context, we need a platform that will serve as a central point for young people to access information about matters affecting them. Youth Chronicle – which is a student- and youth-run, not-for-profit publication – endeavours to be such a platform. In particular, an online, news and lifestyle publication focusing on voicing the interests of the South African student population and youth in general through useful, practical information.

The former is accomplished by identifying areas of concerns and (potential) solutions as well as assessing the impact of implemented solutions to champion authentic storytelling about pertinent matters affecting these groups. In other words, a focus on useful, practical information to inform their decision-making processes.

To do so, we uphold ethical values such as accuracy, fairness, independence, accountability, collaboration, commitment, community, diversity, education, quality and equality throughout our journalistic content creation and dissemination efforts.

Reach out and provide support. To attain the above objectives, we need any form of help that is available. One can assist through the contribution of content, skills, and monetary donations. Below are the pertinent contact details to get a hold of us.

Notes from you. Below are some of the feedback that we received from you.